11 Online Dating Secrets that Everyone Should Know

online dating secrets

Online Dating can be a nightmare if it is not done the right way. It is great to have good conversations with people you meet online and it is quite interesting too. Imagine this, you meet a person online- match and then you go out with a date. The person is smart and funny and great. But midway, something happens and you are left thinking if your dating life is scarred for life.

There may be terrible incidents happening on the first date and there may be incidents that wanted you to just quit online dating but hey, don’t give up hope. There are so many great dates out there that given the right expertise, you will and you can crack the way to successful online dating. 

Online Dating Secrets

1. You can make a wishlist 

When you have just started online dating, you can develop a strategy as to how to do approach the whole idea. What are you looking for in a partner? Make it detailed and create a list which depicts a person who is interested in having x number of kids, is willing to make changes to their schedule as much as you make to meet them. 

2. Keeping a score

When you have thought about all the traits you are looking for, prioritize the traits. Which one of them needs is number 1 and which one of them can be compromised. After this, lower the list to only 10-15 characteristics, then you can decide the score. If someone scores a high score, you can go on a date with them. Thus, you have just made yourself a great algorithm. Congratulations!

3. Start getting online

Be online and make some profiles once you have the hitlist. You can make several profiles on different dating sites so that you can have options. But do not be desperate to make through all the dating website. Just look at the whole idea about the dating site. If you are looking for a long term relationship and you land up on Tinder, then it would not work out. You can use 3-4 sites at a time but do not waste too much money on these sites.

4. Spend some money on yourself too.

When you are on dating websites and apps, and you have found yourself a date, it is good to spend some time to go shopping. Wear some great clothes to make yourself look presentable. Apart from this, you need to understand that the online algorithm matches you by your behavior. Therefore, it is always better to look good and feel good. The basic agenda can help you in a long way to come.

5. Treat your dating sites as databases for exploration

When you are on an online website, the algorithm is bent upon matching people with the same behavioral patterns. Hence, it is better if you treat them as giant databases where you are looking to find and explore a partner. Suppose when you are looking for a tall and handsome guy and your sister beside you wants a blonde man, your behavioral patterns is same but you cannot get the matches. Hence, no matter how hard we try, there are certain glitches in the way.

6. Don’t have a lengthy profile

You need to decide what should be on your profile. Shorter the profile, better the chances of finding yourself a date. Hence, it is better when you consider a small bio instead of a big one. Short and crisp is a good way to go. You may think it is smart to have a long profile but nobody has that much of time too through your profile.

7. Learn to create that curiosity gap

When you learn to create that curiosity gap, you will understand that it is great to pique the interest in you. Learn to describe yourself in the most quirky way possible in about 97 words. How do you think BuzzFeed has so many visitors to its websites? It is because it knows how to create that curiosity gap in its subscribers. Hence, it is a great skill to have in dating life.

8. Don’t try to be something you are not

See everyone gets it. Funny people are attractive. But what if you are not funny? It is completely okay. You may make your friends laugh at the pub but maybe on the dating site, it may not work. In the same manner, you are trying to be sarcastic but it may come off as rude or mean. Thus, when you are done writing the bio, read it out loud.

9. Have a perfect selection

When you are talking about your likes and dislikes, don’t give away about yourself yet. Be selective about what you talk and don’t end up saying things that are not relevant. You can choose by yourself about what you would like to talk about yourself.

10. Learn to be optimistic on the web

Yes, you need to have opinions and it is not bad, but try learning to use an optimistic demeanor when you are dating. You can talk about what excites you or you can talk about a great day. Hence, you can be optimistic and not put your views straight across.

11. Learn to market yourself well

One thing which you need to have is to market yourself well. Have the six best photos of yourself and do not reuse any old photos. Make your profile distinct from one dating site to another. Online dating is very similar to marketing. You know who your target audience is, you know who you want to go on a date with and you know what you need to do when you are hooking up with them.

Hence, here are some tips you can follow to create a great dating life. Go on as many as dates you want to before you settle for the final one. Apart from that, these may work or may not work but they are some of the most tried tips. Do not give up hope if you are still on a hunt to find a great date. Just believe in yourself and you will land great.

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