How to SEXT Without Looking Like a Pervert

how to sext

There are so many questions about sexting, and how exactly do you do it, such as what’s the horniest emoji face to use on apps for sexting? Or is it okay to sext from work?

Or, more importantly, is it even fun?

Sexting is great for foreplay; experts would agree and comment that it is a flirty, fun way to remain connected with your partner. It heightens the anticipation as it keeps sex on your brain throughout the day and adds some spice, which re-creates the earlier spark in your relationship.

Or if you have swiped right and the conversation is rolling, you do need to know how to keep that conversation going towards the sexy times! 

10 Sexting Tips For Everyone on Sexting Apps

1. Timing is Key

If you send them a sext and they are in a meeting, chances are, they will be unable and unwilling to reply. So, before you send them a suggestive emoji and a double entendre, check to see what they are doing. You can start with something as simple as “Hey, are you busy?”

2. Deliberate, Hold Your Horses

Build up is what sexting is about. Start the chat with a starter that shows you are willing to play but not reveal it all. To grab attention, you can send a shot of your in your favorite lingerie. This also makes your intentions clear, and more often than not, they will respond. Basically, if you don’t jump into sex without warming up, you can’t do the same for sexting either. Texts like “I can’t stop thinking about last night” can work wonders.

3. Remember You’re Roleplaying

When you sext, you need to remember that you are in control, and this is a role you are playing. A playful partner is a role you play, where you are horny and eager to get freaky. Your photos, voice messages, and words can all be applied to create an arousing fantasy for you and them.  

4. Stay In Your Comfort Zone, It’s Okay

Only do things that you are comfortable with. Sexting doesn’t always have to be raunchy and even an innocent “Can’t wait to make love to you tonight” can work instead of a risky nude selfie. Begin with something that will make you a little uncomfortable—but doesn’t make you want to run for the hills.  

5. Alert Your Sext Recipient Before Getting Risque

When sexting a risky image, first send a text with NSFW on it and then hit return a bunch of time, and finally, send the image. This makes sure the image doesn’t show up on their lock screen and have them get potentially embarrassed in a professional situation.  

6. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Pay attention to angles whenever you take photos and record videos. The visuals are crucial when you sext and they can make the best experience or not. Take pictures from angles that just show the erogenous zones of your body, like thighs, butt, mouth, bust, pelvic area, abdomen, neck, etc. The level of provocation is up to you!

7. Maintain An Archive of Sexy Photos

Maintain a stock of selfies that you can send to reduce the time deliberating over taking pictures and then sending them. You need the replies to come in fast and stimulating. If you want to keep your NSFW images safe, you can use apps such as Private Photo Vault and others that allow you to save your pictures under a PIN lock. 

8. Talk Dirty

Dirty talk is a lot like a lighthouse guiding ships because the words you use in your texts paints the picture of the fantasy that is unwinding. You can define what color you’re wearing; you can ask for pictures to say all the things you want to do to them. You can describe how your own body is responding to their sexts. You can also instruct them on what you want them to do to themselves while they fantasize about you. You’re bringing them to their climax, so make it count.

9. Look For Inspiration From Your Personal Experiences

If you need inspiration sexting your match on Tinder, a great play is to begin by using a sexy moment from a previous sexting session. If it is someone you already have talked to before, you can start with “I love the way you were kissing my neck the last time,” “I can’t wait to see you in that black lace again,” and so on. You can also talk about what you want from them now to help build tension and create your sexual fantasy. 

10. Be Open About Your Fantasies

It is not always easy to discuss your fantasies with someone else, especially about the things you want to try in the bed right on their face. Therefore, sexting is an excellent opportunity to discuss your fantasies because the pressure isn’t there when they are not looking back at you.  

11. The Details Matter

The more detailed you go when talking about sex, the better them and you will be able to imagine what you’re fantasizing about, and the more natural it will be to keep the conversation rolling.

12. Keep Asking Questions

During sexting, do not be scared to ask them questions. This is, after all, a sexual conversation and asking sexy questions can be a simple way for you to know what the other person is thinking. These questions also help you in creating a graphic image of their fantasies inside their heads. You can use simple questions such as “what is your fantasy?” “what part of me would you like to see?” “How would you like to play with me?” and so on. 

What Is The “Emoji Sex Code”? Let Us Explain

Emojis that serve as sexual innuendos are widely used. Since emojis now bear the burden of relaying emotions to others, their use is greatly appreciated while sexting. Banana and eggplant emoji are now a penis, the peach a butt, and a pussy cat is a vagina. The tongue sticking out emoji means desire and raindrops mean ejaculation or wetness. When you know the emoji sex code, it helps you take care of the code of conduct even in public (unless someone versed with the code themselves sees you sending someone an eggplant).

Sexting is the digital teasing that goes hand in hand with the online dating culture now. It creates anticipation and often, if they respond well, you get a preview of how things would be if you met in real life. Sexting is like the trailer to a movie sometimes. So, please take advantage of this, see how you can push their buttons, let them know how they can push yours. Lastly, stay safe and don’t forget to have fun!

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