7 Bumble Tips to Score More Dates

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It is no secret that we are living in the era where we search for love on the Internet. In such times, if we receive some of the greatest apps like Bumble that help us to get more matches in relationships- be it a partner or a friend, it would be great.

 Though Bumble has started recently, it is one of the most popular dating app who are looking for meaningful relationships. It is highly marketed around the world and you can truly love how they have designed the app.

Bumble gave that opportunity of dating to the women and made it women centric a bit. It is frustrating enough when you have been a hoarder of online dating yet you do not have a date. Well, this issue can be solved if you follow 7 tips to get more matches & Dates on Bumble. Getting dates is an art form that can be mastered with practice. But if you play it cool and follow some rules, you may make your way.

7 Bumble Tips to Score More Dates

1. Do not lie about who you are

The first and foremost rule about dating apps is do not lie about who you are. People hate it when others lie (no matter who they are).

 Do not show that you are into adventure sports or into hiking when in reality you like playing Call of Duty with your friends (and wouldn’t miss it for the world). Guys, girls hate it when you show yourself as someone but turn out to be stark different when they finally meet you. It’s called catfishing, look it up.

To all the nerds, there is a nerdy girl out there for you who likes Star Wars just as much as you do. To all the jocks out there, there is a girl who thinks sports is hot. So, keep swiping, be honest and do not lie.

2. To the guys – no shirtless pictures please

I know this might be an old saying but no one wants to see a half-naked man on their screen. No girl is going to look at your naked body and say you know what I am willing to try this guy out just because he is shirtless.

Be comfortable in your own skin and do not show skin unless it is necessary, which it is absolutely not. No one cares if you are a bit chubby or too thin, if the person does genuinely like your profile and want to get to know you better, they will not care how you look.

3. To the girls – try to be as honest as possible in your bio

A plenty of girls who think lying about their bio will make them seem a bit more mysterious and cooler, it doesn’t work at all. No, you cannot quote the entire series of ‘The Office’ because you’ve seen a few episodes.

 If you vibe with a guy because you have the same interests, it should be genuine rather than something you randomly posted on your bio and get caught and be ashamed of it. So, ladies, please don’t lie in your bio.

4. It does not hurt to be respectful and courteous to others

Yes, you’ve had your first match. The other person has initiated the conversation. You talk for a bit and find out that you may not be as alike as you wanted to be. This does not give you the authority to call names and be rude to the other person.

If they do not agree with your views on politics or religion, that’s fine. They are a human being and they have each and every right to have differentiating opinions. Its 2019, we all have the right to have our own opinions. 

5. Be yourself

As the say, ‘A picture speaks a 1000 words’. So put up some good photos of yours, nothing to blingy or high level.

Do not lie about any part of you, because the person who matches with you will eventually find out that you lied to them about something and that is going to start a whole war. No one will be impressed if you talk big game in your bio and do nothing when you chat with the person.Be honest, be nice and be yourself.

6. Link your social accounts.

Here is another way to take your conversation to another level, when you are linking your social media accounts, you can positively influence them. You link your Instagram and Spotify accounts. You can paint a better picture of your personal life through your Instagram and your great music taste through Spotify. Your social media accounts can showcase what kind of a person you are and this is quite essential for a great date.

7. Get upgraded

If you want some help, try to take the premium version and try out the super swipes. Bumble is a dating app that makes a business off all the premium accounts so use your opportunity to boost all the subscriptions and extend the conversations with matches. You can also have a chance of matching with expired matches. All this is available in the premium account. There are many other features but these are some of them that can help you get a good date.

Thus, here are the 5 tips to get more matches on Bumble. Apart from these, there are a few more hacks to get you the best dates. Make sure you swipe on Friday or Saturday and message on Sunday. Believe it or not, most of the men and women looking for dates on Friday. Hence, this is the best way to go about to get a date. Apart from this, do not swipe on Monday! It is a busy day and no one would have time for it. Start your conversation late evening and see your match getting promoted to a date! Happy swiping everyone! 

About the Author: Jacob Adley

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