9 Secret Tips to Get More Matches on Tinder

Tinder is that place where you can sneakily try and get to date a person for a short while. But, your friend right there has a tinder match almost every other day and you are there sitting and knowing that you do not have any. In this article, I’ll share some secret Tinder tips related to your Tinder profile and my secret Tinder pickup lines that keep the conversation rolling.

9 Tips to Get More Matches on Tinder

1. Your photos are the way to your soul

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Yes, just like they say that your eyes are the way to your soul, your photos on Tinder are the ways to yourself. The other person when checking out your Tinder profile, they are scanning the photos you have posted.

Hence, they thin slice and make a serious of micro judgments about you in that one photo. Hence, to prevent this from happening, make your photos bulletproof. Make your photos great and they need to be hard to resist type.

2. Show don’t tell

Darwin’s theory of signaling works fine here. Here you are reacting to her subconscious desire by showing it in your photos. Thus, learn how to look desirable and this isn’t just about your physical appearance. Just think of one thing: survival of fittest.

Learn to put up so kickass photos to help save your Tinder profile. So you are a guy and your photos describe you like traveling to interesting places, you clean up great, you have hobbies and you love kids and dogs. Thus, this way you are signaling about your characteristics. Hence, show and don’t tell.

3. Photos should be data-driven decisions.

When you think you have just 3 good photos then go for it. Do not make decisions and post some okay photos to fit into the 6 picture limit. One terrible choice of a photo can make you land to repel women.

Hence, be careful of the photo selection you do. You need to take this part pretty seriously and be ready to face criticism about your pictures.

4. A Clean and A killer bio

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You need to rock your bio and these 3 key elements should be included too. Do not leave out any chances to truly impress someone. If a great picture catches her attention, she may swipe right. No matter what you include, you need to include a few things in your Tinder bio.

Be bold but not boring.

Try to grab the attention you can. You are in a competition zone and hence if you want your profile to be noticed, don’t forget to grab attention. Be classy just like you were with your bios. Have a sense of humor in Tinder bio to attract more swipes. It is fine if you are not very funny but have a funny Tinder bio to customize it for later.

5. Like more pages on Facebook

When you have few mutual interests, you can easily get her to swipe right. Thus, to find that common ground, like more facebook pages. Tinder displays all the common Facebook pages you have liked and it also bases its algorithm in this way.

Hence go to like some meme pages, authors, TV shows, restaurants, etc. Don’t like random pages just to have some mutual interest, you can come up with real and authentic ones.

6. Mario Power Up

Go for premium verisions like Tinder Plus. This is because, you can instantly power you up. You have more features and it can also boost your Tinder Profile for a sum. Make a small investment and observe great results by following the tips.

Okay, so there is a feature called Tinder Boost where you are pushed to the top of the card stack. You can get a free boost every month and you can use it at the right time for it to pay off. You also have these unlimited likes features where your photos can be liked.

You also have passport feature where you can easily change the location of wherever and whenever you want. You can also rewind a profile you swiped before and reevaluate their profile again. You can also have super likes as many as you want

7. Secret Super Like Hack

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Okay, there are many hacks out there which work for Tinder so here is how it goes. Like a girl normally and then see if you instantly match with her. Then, you will save a super like here. You can use the rewind features and undo the like and then super like her.

You can also set your blend to the most popular so that you can super like attractive women. Hence, do not waste a super like on someone you do not match or someone who rarely uses the app.

9. Make the first move

Now that you are matched, you need to make a good move. Women are used to getting constant hey and what’s up lines but try putting some effort in your message. Also, do not let the match go because you waited for her to take the first move. It is completely okay to make the first move.

10. Make your conversation flowing

Don’t be rigid while you are conversing with your match. It is a conversation and not an interview. If you are not a great person when you are making conversations, learn how to do it.

There is no other shortcut. You need to focus on the part where you move away from tinder and start messaging her on another social media app. If one message exchange is turning into a chat conversation, then you have to strike where the iron is hot the most. Keep the conversation light and fun.

Always ask a question to keep the conversation moving forward. Posing questions like “So when’s the last time you did something adventurous or spontaneous?” can naturally lead into asking her to meet up. Keep reading for techniques that will have her saying “yes” every time.

Hence, these are some great Tinder tips you can use to work on your date for the next week. Remember to ask her out in the right way and don’t be too obvious. Say that you want to meet up and don’t call it a date if she is in her early 20s or 30s. Be casual and flexible with a few things and that can help you go a long way.

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